Looking for the plans? I got a direct link on 'em.
The Two Box style, like the classic Midway cocktail cabinet, is $24.99. CocktailMAME is based off of this plan set!
The Three Box style, adds the capability for playing games that work side by side as well opposing, and is priced at $37.99.
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Current Status: Unfinished, but getting closer...
  • The top piece is recut out of 1" ply wood (I don't think I'll make it that thick again!), routed a 45 degree bevel on the inside opening to make viewing the monitor easier, and painted it in a semi-gloss black. Now all I need to do is just attach it to the rest of the cabinet.
  • The hinges have been countersunk.
  • Need to cut an access panel to get to the monitor fine controls when the monitor is mounted.
  • Need to decide on how we're going to finish the wood surfaces. We're looking at the sticky-back black vinyl or the wood grain sticky-back. Weigh in with your opinion what I should choose...
    Finishing the cabinet
    Which vinyl whould I use?
    The Black Vinyl
    The Wood Grain Vinyl

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  • Need to go buy fan and speaker coverings from Game Cabinets, inc.
  • Player 1 control box is almost ready to go. T-Molding has been installed to the box and the edges have been painted. The joystick and switches are wired up and the spinner already has the harness made for it. Just need to cut a new piece of CAT5 cable for the trackball.
  • Need to take it to a glass shop as a pattern for the top.
  • Install t-molding around the edges of the cabinet itself.
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