Looking for the plans? I got a direct link on 'em.
The Two Box style, like the classic Midway cocktail cabinet, is $24.99. CocktailMAME is based off of this plan set!
The Three Box style, adds the capability for playing games that work side by side as well opposing, and is priced at $37.99.
Thanks for supporting my habit!
CocktailMAME Software
  • Windows 2000 Professional by Microsoft.
    Initially, I was going to use Windows 98, but found it would randomly bug check (blue screen) on the hardware. That got old real fast. Since I had a copy of Windows 2000 Professional that I wasn't using on a computer somewhere, that became the operating system of choice. The machine has been running 24x7 for about a week now and there hasn't been any issues from a reliability standpoint.

  • Pivot Pro 6 from Portrait Displays.
    This a cool piece of software. It enables you rotate the whole screen of the operating system so that you change the orientation of the monitor. Why would this be important? I built the cabinent with a "vertical" monitor orientation in mind, like Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, and Tempest. Since I'm using the Windows interface to get between games, I'd hate to have to look at it sideways.

  • PowerStrip 3.0 by EnTech Taiwan.
    This tool came to me by way of a help person over on the BYOC message boards and it allows the user to tweak the settings of the display. This is important since I'm using an IBM 6091 19" monitor, which is a fixed frequency monitor (as opposed to a standard VGA/SVGA multi-sync monitor that is commonly sold with today's computers. The 6091 was generally sold with mid-size computers like the RS-6000 from IBM. Anyway, I digress, Power Strip allowed me to set the horizontal frequency that the video card was using to sync with with that of the monitor.

  • MAME32.
    Where would I be with out the emulator?

  • Custom Front End.
    I'm working on designing a custom front end to MAME32 so that I can have a much greater "arcade" feel to the machine with out the Windows user interface peeking through. I'm presently weighing whether I'll write it using the .Net Frameworks (WinForms) or do it through Visual Basic 6. I'm leaning more towards .Net at that moment.

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