With the month of December, Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire comes to a close. Rose Marshall confronts Bobby Cross and the outcome is no less than epic.

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Torrey Stenmark takes up the mantle of Rose Marshall one more time. The headlights are a custom rig built from a 2x4 with a pair of plastic light sockets and 120 watt lights. My biggest fear that evening was the continuation of the severe rains Western Washington had been hammered with over previous days. Fortune, or perhaps the Queen herself, smiled upon us with a break in the rain. Pouring rain and concrete aren't, as I see it, the Sparrow Hill Road aesthetic. I'm sure Torrey's loved ones would be more than a tad upset with me if I managed to electructe her.

Sparrow Hill Road: Thunder Road by Seanan McGuire on the Edge of Propinquity.