Tribal Markings Image, Copyright 2010-2011, Stopped Motion PhotographyTribal Markings is a photo project and book, show casing belly dancers and their backgrounds while exploring the relationship the dancers have with their tattoos. I want to meet with at 50 or more belly dancers from across the country and from all walks of life and dance styles, to find the commonalities of experience and the unique perspectives each provides. The end result is a book filled with the wild beauty and touching stories from the women of the dance.

Belly dancers decorate their bodies not only with costumes and jewelry, but also with ink. Each adornment is the piece of history; a story to be told and a gem of art.

Each belly dancer is interviewed and engaged in the conversation of their tattoos and the journey they are on. Questions asked and stories told become quotations in the margins. Anecdotes get fleshed out. As a thank you, every belly dancer who are interviewed and photographed will receive digital copies of their photos, either on a Photo Disc or in the form of a digital download.

If you are a dancer and you would like to be a part of this project, we ask that you fill out the dancer questionnaire.

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Here are the belly dancers who have contributed to the project so far:

Hands of Kali (coming soon!)
Jessica Sokol
Lady Dragonwing (coming soon!)
Melody Anderson
Morrigan Aria
Nancy "Icy" Brown
Tayissa Blue