I will be at Foolscap, September 24th-26th, and here is the schedule of panels I will be on.

  • Friday, 4pm (Alder) - New Types of Artwork – New media, new materials for creating art, etc.
  • Friday 10pm (Alder) - Biology of the Undead – Theories on the mysterious inner workings of the zombic community. Where do zombies come from? In most works of SF, it's not a mommy and a daddy zombie. Sometimes it's occult powers, but sometimes it's a virus, or radiation. Prepare for the uprising now!
  • Saturday 10am (Alder) - Collaborating for Fun and Profit – In the age of the Internet, collaboration is easier than ever. Should you collaborate on a project? What tools should you use? What are some of the common pitfalls and benefits?
  • Sunday, 11am (Alder) - Pack Your Sketchpad – Drawing anywhere and other means of refreshing your art.

I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Will I see you there?