As usual around these parts and this time of the month the Edge of Propinquity publishes a new issue. I give to you images from two stories.

The first photo is for the story "Sir Joseph Bazalgette's Spirit Bowl" by T. D. Edge. The tale takes place in the restroom where two stately gentlemen render a special kind of assistance to those in need. Originally, I wanted actually shoot this in a lavatory with a table and table cloth, a silver bucket full of ice and a pair of glasses. My luck in finding the perfect restroom in Seattle for this shot came up empty as did the search for the bucket. Because of the kind person I am, I'll let you guess where the photo was actually shot at. For those who are curious, that win bottle is one I've had since my wedding from 12 years ago. Isn't it awesome?


Sparrow Hill Road follows Rose this time as she has to make good on a debt she owes to the Queen of the Routewitches in "Last Train". The story starts off along the corn fields and even moves through them at one point. The good folks at Dr. Maze's Corn Maze for letting us wander their corn maze early one bright and sunny Saturday morning. Torrey Stenmark reprises her role as Rose Marshal for this photo.