"Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Issue 54 is now published. This month we have the loss of thing dear, a story finally told, the exile of a loved one, the crossing of a line and the final release of an old soul." - Jennifer Brozek, Editor

The first photo is of a ghost story, or rather, a ghost's story told in the traditional fashion, in the dark and by candle light. I give you Midnight's Tale.


A lot of the time, Jennifer, the editor for the Edge of Propinquity, has an idea for a story's image. Sometimes she comes up blank. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with that because I sometimes draw nothing from a story. This time however, I had a very clear idea.

My model, Lillian Wilde, spent the better part of an hour in the make up chair where I built up the grizzled hand. It's kind of weird when a model begins exlaiming how old and fragile her hand is and is happy about it, you know made what you wanted.

Her "aged" hand next to the one I didn't touch.