There is something to be said about love and how it defines us as a species. Really, there's a certain magic behind it that is amazing. This is something we can witness first hand and often times we do. Sometimes, we're just lucky enough to capture that spark and hold it within our frame. A couple of weeks ago, I shot some photos for a couple of friends who were finally getting married. (Many of us said it was about time too!) I was fortunate enough to see love in several forms that day. Love for the detail and the ritual of everything, the love a family radiates when together, between a brother and sister (when they aren't at each other's throats), and between two people who care deeply for each other.


However, a piece of camera equipment didn't feel the love that day and decided that the end was there for it. The silver, reflective umbrella threw itself sideways from where it stood, next to the tree, and broke its back, nearly bending it in half. Yes, there was no love there. But every where else, yes. There was love and it was beautiful.