It's not often a story like Seren Draig, by T.D Edge, comes along; a story with so many great mental images, how do I choose one? I knew I wanted the black Mercedes that's featured in the story, but what do with it?

I could put the main character in front of the grill back to the camera. No, that's been done before. Well, what about including the female antagonist? No, she's not in the same scene as the car. Since I wasn't really happy with the concepts I was coming up. I figured I would go shoot photos of the car, since I had a very small window to shoot it in, and look at the photos in post production and see if anything sparks an idea.

And idea was sparked.

Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography.

 This photo is actually two photographs. The Mercedes was shot in a parking lot in South Seattle with the sun and a single strobe at 1/60th of a second at F/16. The SB-800 was running at 1/4th power to help overpower the sun. Very little modification to the car was done at this point.

The dragon was shot in my studio at 1/100th of a second and F/10 against a black background and used a SB-600 at 1/64th power as the sole light source. I wanted the the heavy shadows to help shroud the beast in mystery. After removing the black background the dragon was placed on the car and distorted like any reflection would be. I also cut out areas of non-reflective surfaces.