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The Students of Skin Deep Rock Beacon Rocks

clock July 19, 2010 20:56 by author Amber

Different kinds of shows require a different kinds of results. When I shoot play, there are times I can almost predict where the action is happening and where it's going to go so I can get the shot when it happens. Shooting a live dance performance can be another beast all together and American Tribal Style belly dance, a form of belly dance built around group improvisation, is no exception. Of course when you trade out theater lights for the harsh rays of the sun, capturing that perfect photo becomes that much harder.

On July 11th, I had the honor of following the Students of Skin Deep around with my camera as these talented rocked the Beacon Rocks street festival.


Looking back in time

clock June 2, 2010 13:07 by author Amber

One of the things I love about my work and photography as a whole is how you capture this memory, a moment in time. For everyone outside of the opening and closing of the shutter, that moment is gone only to be remembered imperfectly. With a camera, I can preserve those moments. Sometimes, I can create memories that never were.

Recently, I began trolling through the Stopped Motion Photography archives. Holy cow, there are a lot of photos in there and you can see where the where the learning curves are. Here are a few memories from the past, both real and imagined. [more]

Murder most foul! When I think of belly dancing, death and mayhem are not the first things that come to mind, but the "freaky dancer broads" of Skin Deep Dance provide a wonderously entertaining blend at this show. This photo was taken during their April 2010 performance. If you want to see this first hand, and I highly recommend that you do, you can catch the show at the Orient Express resteraunt in Seattle's SODO district.

The Kirkland waterfront at dusk. Sometimes it's a memory you want to share of nothing in particular. I took a walk by Lake Washington in late January, 2005. One of the things I love about Seattle are the very mild winters. Even with the temperature in the 50's, not a lot of people were out and about. In one photo from the series, not the one displayed above, was a couple sitting on the end of the pier. The were laughing and embracing each other, shown in profile against the setting sun.

 This production still from "Reassurance" by the Brothers Mitchell at Dead Tree Pictures. This photo always reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman extolls the hows and why of creating an album cover photo.

This photo, of Nathaniel Johnstone and the Brazillian Surf Mafia, was shot at the Columbia City Theater in October of 2009. I remember listening to a story on KUOW, our local NPR station, about how memory works with regards to music and that simply remembering a song causes a response in the brain nearly identical to actually listening to the song. For me, the photos I shot that day echo the music I listened to ever time I see them. What's more is that band's performance was recorded and a live CD of it was released. The music, by the way, is absolutely fabulous and you should go out and buy the disc. Which means hunting down a show in which Nathaniel is performing with his band or with friends outside of Abney Park.

Thank for taking this walk with me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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