The Itsy Bitsy Teen Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Meow Cabaret, produced by Macha Monkey, last week was a glorious good time building up to a audaciously exciting climax. Here are just a few of the photos from the show.

Sarah Papineau and Rachel Madelena performing their song and dance.


Miss Bette Sauvage expounds on the perils of hard night of partying.

The Railroad Tycons showing us a stomping good time and proving once again that mandolins are metal.

Paywright Alexis Holzer's one act play, "Happy Birthday, America", was a fun at George and Martha, ruminating about the course that the USA has taken.

Black stripper heels in a size 14? These kinds of things have been found at truck stops before, Sarah Papineau tells us in an original comedic piece.

Miss Vixen Valentine provides a high octane performance, showing us what a car can do for her driver.