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Over the Edge: Hostage Situation

clock July 16, 2011 09:30 by author Amber

Ivan Ewert's "Idolwood" has been a mixed bag for me in terms of inspiration for the images that go with the story. Some times the image ideas come quickly like in a nightmare after reading the story right before bed. (Ivan cackled maniacly when I told him about that for the story.) Some times I have to really work the story over in my head to figure out what I'm going to do. This story, Abductions and Reflections, is an example of that. Don't get me wrong, the story is excellentm but coming up with the right image just left me perplexed. Late on the night of the 8th, inspiration finally hit. I give you, "Hostage Situation".

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Over the Edge: Hare's Legacy

clock March 15, 2011 19:39 by author Amber

"Burke and Hare, my lads and ladies. They were men well ahead of their time in the late 1820s - the original Igors, grave robbers who sold corpses to the gallant Dr. Knox for his anatomical research and classroom discussions. But when business got better, Burke and Hare turned into entrepreneurs extraordinaire." Idolwood: Craft

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This image, "Hare's Legacy", holds the distinction of being the first image I've created for an Idolwood story in the Edge of Propinquity that incorporates both a doll and a person. It's also one of the few photos where a child of mine isn't a mangled corpse some where in frame. Originally intended as an inbetween photo and used as the basis for several other images that tie into the story I included it in my list of three favorite shots that I sent to the author. I really like the way this doll looks and can't wait to take it and the others to Norwescon this April.

Over the Edge: The Lost Find

clock February 15, 2011 06:42 by author Amber

February bring's Ivan's second story in the Idolwood series, Fetishes. For the record, some lost things should never be found...

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Over the Edge: Little Lost Dolly

clock January 16, 2011 20:38 by author Amber

Ivan Ewert. Where do I start? The first series of stories that I read by him was Vorare, a series about the gentleman ghouls. It was a very dark series that was a joy to read. I only shot a few of the photos for this series, just coming in and shooting an image or two where necessary for him. I am very happy to be shooting his new series on the Edge of Propinquity, "Idolwood". Working with a new author is always an exciting journey of discovery. And the one off photos I've done for him in the past don't count because we never talked out the icongraphy of those series. While "Foundations" didn't give me nightmares, my sleep was certainly restless that night when I read it before bed.

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My hope is that the photo creeps you out like the story creeped me out.

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