I love a good atmospheric story. I think I've even said that here at least once or twice. "Underside Walk", by Hilary Koepenick, in this month's issue of the Edge of Propinquity is a perfect example of that. For some reason, my use most uncoorperative with me on this piece and every idea I came up with just didn't inspire me. A coin across the knuckles? Meh. A bird mask? Getting better. The gaping maw of a storm drain? Now we're getting some where. The first door of story? Oh. The idea has merit.

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The first door in the story is Alvise's bedroom window.

The shot was taken outside of my home in Kirkland. A pair of 500 watt halogen work lights provided the back light in the window to contrast the shadowy exterior and a single hot shoe flash dial down to 1/32 power provided the shadows on the wall for me. It's almost as if the shadow is grabbing the window and holding the door open, beckoning Alvise to come out for a walk.