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Casting Call: Need two models, a Hispanic man and a drag queen for two days of shoots in Seattle, WA, and Ocean Shores, WA

clock June 4, 2010 09:36 by author Amber

I need two male models for a project.

One should be of Hispanic or Latino.

The other should be comfortable play a drag queen.

The shoots are scheduled for Sunday, June 20th, in Seattle, and Sunday, June 27th, in Ocean Shores. I am more than willing to provide transportation to the Ocean Shores location.

The project, a comic book like treatment of a story from the anthology GRANTS PASS. Here is an example from another story that received this treatment.

This shoot is a Time For Photos shoot, meaning the model will get a printable digital copy of the finished shots from the shoot and a one hour photo shoot where the model gets a CD with all of the finished images.

Grants Pass - Epilogue: The Journey Begins

clock May 21, 2010 11:48 by author Amber

Sometimes my muse pokes other people in the loop too and, frankly speaking, that tickles me something fierce. I've always felt that photography is a collaborative process between the photographer and the subject. There's even more collaboration that can happen when there are other creative types in involved. You know, like writers and editors. When Jennifer Brozek, an award winning editor, author, all around amazing person, and the creator of Grants Pass, saw my original piece, she loved it. And then she got this look on her face. If you've ever worked with an author, painter, filmmaker, or someone other creative individual, you know what looking I'm talking about. I get that look, who am I kidding? But Jennifer came back to me and said, "What about this idea? Could you produce something like that?"

What idea was that, you ask?


Copyright 2010, Stopped Motion Photography

 Did I mention I love my work?

Grants Pass - Epilogue

clock May 16, 2010 21:56 by author Amber

As a photographer who works with editors and authors, sometimes I find that we don't necessarily share the same vision for an image. That happens and it's not the end of the world when it does. Sometimes, I just nail it and a smile creeps over their face as they nod, taking it all in. Often, I'll shoot many more photos than needed and many of those won't see the light of day ever.

Yesterday, my muse hit me at while I was walking out the door, an idea about telling a portion of the story in a more non-traditional way; the comic book panel. Very specifically, using a number of photos I took for Grants Pass (Morrigan Books, Amazon). Some of these photos saw use in trailer and again here.

Here's the result of my muse grabbing me by the hair and saying, "Listen up!" It was inspired by the epilogue of the book, "Journal Entry" by Kaylee Allard.

Copyright 2010, Stopped Motion Photography


There are a couple of other stories from the anthology that I want to give this treatment to include "An Unkindness of Ravens" by Stephanie Gunn and "Remembrance" by James M. Sullivan. Maybe one or two more beyond those.

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