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Down on the street

clock April 26, 2012 17:34 by author Amber

My work takes me on some incredible journeys working with lovely and talented people. I have long enjoyed working with performers, whether they are actors on the stage and screen or dancers who create art through motion. This last Monday, I was fortunate enough to work with a rising starlet of the Seattle burlesque scene, Miss Candy Apples on a flyer for an upcoming show in Belltown. Here are some photos from that shoot to whet your apetite.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography.


Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography.

Copyright 2012, Stopped Motion Photography.

These photos were shot on the corner of 2nd Ave and Bell St and in the alley between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave on Bell.

Nikon D700, Nikkor F/1.8 50mm, single SB-800 used off camera.

Working with Apocalypse Ink Productions

clock April 19, 2012 17:23 by author Amber

This weekend is going to be fun. I'll be spending time out in the field creating some test images for the project I'm working on with author Jennifer Brozek and her label, Apocalypse Ink Productions. In technical terms, it's a fumetti*, or photo graphic novel. In the more abstract, it's awesome, a tale of deceit, power grabs, and dead people.

You may be asking yourself, "So what, Amber? That's exciting and all but what does that have to do with taking test photos?"

I'll be playing with a new technique and a new type of lens I've never used before; a LensBaby Composer. I've never played with one so it's good that these are only test photographs. I've taken a few pictures already and fiddled with it some more but we'll see how it goes.

Yeah, I'm going to have fun with it.

* I have to thank Donna Barr for pointing me in this direction.

"A Moment of Hope" takes the People's Choice Award for Best Horror!

clock April 9, 2012 17:54 by author Amber
Kyle watched his hand reach out to her face.  Just as he was about to touch her, she shrieked through her stitched jaw and wiggled on her pedestal.  Kyle backed away, and she yelled louder.  He whispered to her to be quiet, but she wouldn't stop squirming. -- Squirm by Doug Goodman
Copyright null, Stopped Motion Photography.
A Moment Of Hope. Originally published on April 14th, 2008, for the short story SQUIRM by Doug Goodman on the Edge of Propinquity.

I am very pleased that I was awarded the People's Choice Award for Best Horror in the Norwescon 35 Art Show. I am very gratefull to everyone who voted for my work and I'm sure it wasn't an easy decission as there was some wonderful horror pieces in the show this year.

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