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Itsy Bitsy Photos

clock June 27, 2010 07:37 by author Amber

The Itsy Bitsy Teen Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Meow Cabaret, produced by Macha Monkey, last week was a glorious good time building up to a audaciously exciting climax. Here are just a few of the photos from the show.

Sarah Papineau and Rachel Madelena performing their song and dance.


Miss Bette Sauvage expounds on the perils of hard night of partying.

The Railroad Tycons showing us a stomping good time and proving once again that mandolins are metal.

Paywright Alexis Holzer's one act play, "Happy Birthday, America", was a fun at George and Martha, ruminating about the course that the USA has taken.

Black stripper heels in a size 14? These kinds of things have been found at truck stops before, Sarah Papineau tells us in an original comedic piece.

Miss Vixen Valentine provides a high octane performance, showing us what a car can do for her driver.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Meow Cabaret

clock June 22, 2010 12:45 by author Amber

I will be at the Rendezvous Jewellbox Theater this evening to photograph the performance of the very talented Miss Vixen Valentine and her new burlesque routine. To quote Miss Valentine, "It'll be magical!"

The show starts at 7:30pm and runs through 10pm.

The Jewellbox Theatre is located in the Rendezvous at 2322 2nd Avenue in Seattle.

The 90 minute show is a part of Macha Monkey's MEOW Cabaret Series. This is year is Macha Monkey's ninth for the MEOW Cabarets.

  • Playwright Alexis Holzer presents an original work!
  • Sarah Papineau will perform an original piece about the comedic power and beauty of shoes!
  • Vixen Valentine will provide an all-new, dazzling dose of summer burlesque va-va-voom!
  • Sarah Papineau and Rachel Madelena will serenade the audience in a song-and-dance number for the ages!
  • Local trio-Band Railroad Tycoons will entertain and delight the audience with guitar, mandolin and bass!
  • And much more!

Color and Contrast

clock June 16, 2010 23:11 by author Amber

Mmmmm. Color. Okay, I'll admit it. I have a deep love of color. Especially the more vibrant colors. Take this shoot from this evening with Miss Vixen Valentine. The colors here work, nice and vibrant.

Sometimes, I am not interested in the color, but more of the contrast. [more]

Isn't that picture of a classy lady even classier? Yep, I think so too. 


Over the Edge: Photos from the Edge of Propinquity, Issue 54

clock June 15, 2010 22:26 by author Amber

"Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Issue 54 is now published. This month we have the loss of thing dear, a story finally told, the exile of a loved one, the crossing of a line and the final release of an old soul." - Jennifer Brozek, Editor

The first photo is of a ghost story, or rather, a ghost's story told in the traditional fashion, in the dark and by candle light. I give you Midnight's Tale.


A lot of the time, Jennifer, the editor for the Edge of Propinquity, has an idea for a story's image. Sometimes she comes up blank. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with that because I sometimes draw nothing from a story. This time however, I had a very clear idea.

My model, Lillian Wilde, spent the better part of an hour in the make up chair where I built up the grizzled hand. It's kind of weird when a model begins exlaiming how old and fragile her hand is and is happy about it, you know made what you wanted.

Her "aged" hand next to the one I didn't touch.

The Girl Whose Face Wasn't There

clock June 13, 2010 20:32 by author Amber

Let me be honest for a moment, I love horror movies and horror stories. Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me. To paraphrase my model today, "You are one messed up person." I don't know that I'm that messed up, am I? I've worked with Lillian Wilde before, she was a pleasure then and a pleasure this time as well.

One thing that's awesome is that she lets me build out some photos that can be quite elaborate in terms of set up. Today she let me explore the Girl Whose Face Wasn't There and here's an image or two from that shoot. [more]


Special moments

clock June 9, 2010 19:33 by author Amber

There is something to be said about love and how it defines us as a species. Really, there's a certain magic behind it that is amazing. This is something we can witness first hand and often times we do. Sometimes, we're just lucky enough to capture that spark and hold it within our frame. A couple of weeks ago, I shot some photos for a couple of friends who were finally getting married. (Many of us said it was about time too!) I was fortunate enough to see love in several forms that day. Love for the detail and the ritual of everything, the love a family radiates when together, between a brother and sister (when they aren't at each other's throats), and between two people who care deeply for each other.


However, a piece of camera equipment didn't feel the love that day and decided that the end was there for it. The silver, reflective umbrella threw itself sideways from where it stood, next to the tree, and broke its back, nearly bending it in half. Yes, there was no love there. But every where else, yes. There was love and it was beautiful.

Over the Edge: Between the Rows

clock June 7, 2010 06:53 by author Amber

I take a lot of photographs, but I think you already know that. My only regret is that some of them never get the exposure, pardon the pun, that the others get. Take for example this shot:

The photo was taken at the Dominican Fathers building in the University District. It was shot for the story "Sins of the Brother" by Jennifer Brozek. it was ultimately rejected by the author in favor of the figure of St. Francis of Asis.

Curtain Call - Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh

clock June 6, 2010 19:23 by author Amber

In February of 2009, I had the oppurtunity to shoot a fun little production of Macha Monkey's "Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh", a delightful little show presented in the Theater Off Jackson.

Moll is a girl who invents things. [more]

Casting Call: Need two models, a Hispanic man and a drag queen for two days of shoots in Seattle, WA, and Ocean Shores, WA

clock June 4, 2010 09:36 by author Amber

I need two male models for a project.

One should be of Hispanic or Latino.

The other should be comfortable play a drag queen.

The shoots are scheduled for Sunday, June 20th, in Seattle, and Sunday, June 27th, in Ocean Shores. I am more than willing to provide transportation to the Ocean Shores location.

The project, a comic book like treatment of a story from the anthology GRANTS PASS. Here is an example from another story that received this treatment.

This shoot is a Time For Photos shoot, meaning the model will get a printable digital copy of the finished shots from the shoot and a one hour photo shoot where the model gets a CD with all of the finished images.

Into the Weird Weird West of Fashion!

clock June 3, 2010 09:52 by author Amber

Last October, I shot photos of the SteamCon Tea and Couture Fashion Show. I had a lot of fun taking the photos. You can view all of the photos here.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the coordinator of the SteamCon 2 fashion show asking if I'd be interested in doing it all over again. It would be an understated to say I agreed to do it again. No, this year, I have ideas on how to improve the lighting and get even better shots than some of the awesome ones below. To celebrate this occassion, here are some photo's from last year's fasion show, Tea and Couture.


SteamCon this year will be November 19th to the 21st at the SeaTac Marriot and Hilton. For more information, check our the official website at

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